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VoyagerNetz helps you get new customers and keep the ones you have. We do this by building remarkable customer experiences focussed on this goal. It all starts with your website and we can help you build an amazing web experience which will translate into business growth.



Business boosting web experiences

If your customers start their experience journey on your website then you better have a great one. Learn how MarketingNetz can help you increase business through remarkable web experience journeys.



Accounts receivable management as part of the experience

Managing your ARM processes in such a way that you place focus on brand and customer relationship protection has never been more important.

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10 January 2019

VoyagerNetz launches it's new enterprise web solutions which aim at helping small, medium and large businesses to integrated customer experience initiatives into their website.

6 November 2018

VoyagerNetz officially opens up offices in the United States. Our first US office is now fully operations and is located in Saint Charles, Illinois.

1 October 2018

VoyagerNetz appoints Pat Helmers as Vice President of Sales and Marketing in our US region.